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Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to build muscle ?

From the instant u have stepped in to this world u are judged by the way you look, and have been called names like tubby, fatty, double chin and many more. Have you ever wanted to make a change to your body so you would never have to hear these words again?

Most people have the misconception that the more protein you eat, the more you will develop muscle. This is not the case. Although protein will help you get muscle, it is not the key. The key of muscle building is to have a large intake of enzymes. When you exercise, most people would get a lot of protein after and/or before the work out. This turned out to be a huge mistake because the body needs to have a high amount of enzymes to digest protein, promote muscle development and to get the most out of the exercise. When you don't get enough of the enzymes, all of the unused nutrients creates plateau which acts as a plaque in your body.

Enzymes as you may know enzymes digest food and help operate your brain. But what you may not have known is that in order to get the big desirable muscles that you want, your body needs to take in as much as helpful nutrients as possible to help grow and repair the muscle after you have exercised. This is basically the job of the enzyme. Enzymes also help digest harmful fats and sugars.

You may be wondering by now how in the world can I get a hold of these enzymes. You may find some bottles of enzymes in some drug stores and you can get them on EBay or on Kijiji. Enzymes are totally risk free, so you should have no worries or concerns about taking them.

Well that's all for the important basics which you will need to know when you start to exercise. I hope you enjoyed this one because there will be more to come.

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