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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Need a map of where to find protein ?

Protein is an addition to your healthy diet, whether you are going for a weight loss routine or a routine to pick up some muscle protein is your best friend. Protein not only is great for body builders who wish to add some muscle but can be just as useful to keep your stomach full for longer, witch can cause weight loss.

Protein in North America is very common as many foods contain it, although you will be very surprised on how many people actually have deficiency to this friendly food. Many foods contain protein and today I will be writing a list of some of the foods witch contain many protein.

Whey: Whey is sold in a powdery form in large amounts. You can be sure to find these in your local pharmacy or fitness store. Whey has 1 goal and that’s to help you reach your new state of body!
Egg: Eggs are a great source of protein, although the downside is you will have to eat more than 2-3 eggs as that will not do it. You know what they say when your looking for protein “get cracking”
And followed by
"Best High Protein Foods"
• whey (supplement found in health food stores)
• chicken breast
• turkey breast
• lean ground beef
• orange roughy
• crab
• lobster
• shrimp
• buffalo
• salmon
• tuna
• cottage cheese
• swordfish
• haddock
• lean ground turkey
• round steak
• sirloin steak

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