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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why do you need to warm up before exercises ?

Warm-up exercises are important to all workouts. Preparing all your joints and muscle for increasing intense activity helps prevent injury, as well as promoting circulation. Warm-up exercises increase the temperature of the body, making the muscles more flexible. Many athletes and experts will always participate in a warm up before intense activity. While warming up your heart rate should not be the most intense part of the workout but only a slight increase of heart rate. Intense stretching is often listed as the priority in ones workout.

I’m going to go through a very great routine for you guys, which I have personally used from the start of my exercising career. It is a great routine developed by the 8 minute workout crew featuring: abs, legs, buns and arms although we will be going though the 8 minute stretch routine

In this routine you will go through many different stretches in the time of only 8 minutes.

-Stretch Neck to right shoulder (20 sec)
-Stretch Neck to left shoulder (20 sec)
-Side Stretch right hip (20 sec)
-Side Stretch left hip (20 sec)
-Lumbar roll (20 sec)
-Shoulder right (20 sec)
-Shoulder left (20 sec)
-Tricep right (20 sec)
-Tricep left (20 sec)
-Standing Quad right (20 sec)
-Standing Quad left (20 sec)
-Groin stretch right (20 sec)
- Calf stretch right (20 sec)
-Groin stretch left (20 sec)
- Calf stretch left (20 sec)
-Hamstring right (20 sec)
-Hamstring left (20 sec)
-Buttocks right (20 sec)
-Buttocks left (20 sec)
-Hamstring pull right (20 sec)
-Crossover right (20 sec)
-Hamstring pull left (20 sec)
-Crossover left (20 sec)
-Knees to chest (20 sec)
-Rack Stretch (20 sec)


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