Exercising Made Easy

Thursday, May 22, 2008


We have all heard them before Work out myths. Today I am going to list my favorite myths I have head. Some of these really make laugh, its amazing what some people say.

1. Stretching before a workout will reduce the risk of injury.
2. If I'm not sore the next day, I didn't workout hard enough.
3. Building muscle will cause you to become slower and less flexible.
4. No pain No gain
5. The best time to work out is early in the morning.
6. Exercising the same body part every day is the best way to increase strength.
7. Running is the best way to get in shape.
8. Heavy weights make big muscles and small weights make lean muscles.
9. If you don’t work out, your muscle will turn into fat.
10. Running a mile burns more calories than walking a mile.
11. Sweating means that you’re losing weight.
12. It’s OK to workout when you’re injured.

THESE ARE ALL MYTHS do not fall in to this trap.

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