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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

what age can you start to strength train?

Many people wish to start strength training, but they don’t know if there ready for it yet. Strength training can be very beneficial but if not done correctly it can injure you.

Let’s just go over a quick definition of strength training. Strength training is a practice to increase the amount of force you can exert or resist. There are many exercises that are referred to strength training, although most common would be weight training.

So the question for today is when can a child start practicing this form of training? The answer is 7-8 years old. The goal at this age is not to get them strong enough to fight Hulk Hogan but too show them the basics of what they will be doing in the future to let them adapt to this type of exercise.

Although a child can start lifting weights at 7-8 years old they should make the maximum weight being able to lift only 5 kg. Also do not start of straight with 5 kg on the bar. For your first workout use only the bar then add a few pounds and work your way up. Remember we are only trying to adapt to the style of training.

So I hope you learned a few tips from this blog entry please feel free to leave a comment !

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