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Saturday, May 24, 2008

P90X ?

Do you want a challenge? Well today I am going to go through a solution that really worked for me. This is not an advertisement for this program. I am not in anyway getting paid by this routine for introducing it you guys.

This routine is a beautiful program, it is called P90X. If u don’t want to work hard then I suggest you stop reading right now. This program is designed for your body to work along with the diet that they produce for you if you decide to give half the effort on the exercises and are replacing the meals you are supposed to eat with McDonalds I can guarantee it will be a while before you see results, if you stay on track hence the name you should be ripped in 90 days.

This is one of the most popular workout routines being spread around the world. It like many other new routines use muscle confusion testing the opposite muscle after every other intense workout. This causes greater results in a shorter period of time. Here is one session from P90X I have supplied for you guys.

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