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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Energy drinks are they needed?

We have all heard about these enchanted drinks that almost claim to improve your performance in any physical activity you perform, as these drinks rejuvenate bodily fluids that are drained while competing in physical exercises. These fluids are drained from sweat although the question is do we really need these drinks?

Gatorade at times can be very useful, and also better than water in certain situations. Gatorade is a drink formulated to be effective when there is fluid loss and electrolyte and carbohydrate replacement is needed. Gatorade is intended for people who work hard or athletes usually in a hot environment because they tend to lose more sweat and fluid. Plain water will not replace the sodium and potassium that your body will lose through sweat, nor the energy that your body loses.

Sports drinks such as Gatorade are not necessarily needed unless you just had a very extreme workout for more than 1 hour. So the next time you take a walk around the neighborhood and you worried about fluid loss, water will maintain the job as it is not a extreme exercise.

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