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Friday, May 30, 2008

Pre workout stretch

Stretching before a work out session can let you push your muscles to a further extent with less pain but it also helps preventing an injury like pulling a muscle. Stretching has been around for a very long time. It is an ancient Indian technique to keeping your body fit and healthy also known as Yoga.

Yoga is very popular around the world now as there are many benefits for this particular type of exercise. I will be going through some very effective yoga techniques and stretches that will guarantee you to have a safe and fun workout without an injury.

Side Lunge
1. Stand straight, with your feet facing forward, and two times shoulder width apart.
2. Put your hands on your hips, keep your back straight, slowly exhale, and place your bodyweight on one side.
3. Alternate the body weight on the other side to stretch opposite side.

Knees to chest
1.Keep your head on the floor, and lie on your back.
2. Slowly bring your knees towards your chest and wrap with your arms.
3. Exhale, as you pull down on your legs and lift your buttocks
4. This stretch is great because you can also stretch your neck by bringing your chin towards your chest

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