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Monday, May 19, 2008

How to get rock hard abs ?

Tired of your fat belly? Do you think you’re ready for your hard rock abs? Well then all you need to do is spend 8 minutes a day into a great abdominal workout routine. This workout is great because in the 8 minutes in challenges the opposite muscle after each exercise contained in this video causing the muscles to contract witch confuses the muscle.

Muscle confusion incorporated in many of the new workouts these days, as they offer more efficient and fast results. Just stay faithful and don’t worry about results for a month or two, and do this routine at least 5 times in a week and I can guarantee you will see results after a few months.

-Basic crunch (45 seconds)
-Right oblique crunch (45 seconds)
-Left oblique crunch (45 seconds)
-Toe Touches (45 seconds)
-Reverse crunch (45 seconds)
-Right side crunch (45 seconds)
-Left side crunch (45 seconds)
-Push throughs (45 seconds)
-Leg pushes (45 seconds)
-Alternating Curls (45 seconds)
-Curls (45 seconds)

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